Tallinn University, Estonia
Thesis: Heterogeneity of thinking in adults: irrational beliefs in rational people
Research supervisor: Aaro Toomela

I am PhD student from Tallinn University and I am very interested in attending Summer University “Cultural-historical psychology: interdisciplinary research perspectives & social practices”. I believe this is especially well suited for me because I work in the framework of Lev Vygotsky’s developmental theory and a modified version of the theory created by Aaro Toomela, studying heterogeneity of thiking.

This academic year (2018-2019) I started my research and soon I am planning to write my first scientific article. I believe that participation in the Summer University will enable me to develop new ties to international peers and further my research on the topic. Presenting my work and ideas so far to other researchers of this field and receiving their critisisms and suggestions will contribute to the development of my PhD thesis. Also, I hope to learn more from different people and deepen my knowledge of Lev Vygotsky’s theory.

I graduated MSUPE a few years ago and I am looking forward to returning for the Summer University.