Arcady Margolis

Arcady Margolis

Arcady Margolis is the First Vice-Rector  of the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, Professor of Educational Psychology Chair, Professor of International Chair of Cultural and Historical Psychology, PhD in Psychology.

Arcady Margolis holds a great organizational work in coincidence with teaching as a Professor of Educational Psychology Chair and International Chair of Cultural and Historical Psychology. Arcadiy Margolis is a well-known expert in Educational Psychology and pedagogues and psychologists training. A.A. Margolis has contributed to the development of a number of scientific concepts and projects, such as Psychological Basis in Use of Information Technologies”, “Cultural and Historical Type of School”, “The Regional model of psychological support for developing education.” The results of these researches have been continually discussed at the Top International Congresses and Conferences.

Team of contributors led by Arcadiy Margolis studied the psychological features in dialogical learning environments focused on thinking development of primary school-aged children. This work resulted in the development of a training course “Philosophy for Children (primary school-aged children). It was approved and recommended by the Ministry of Education for primary schools and officially recognized by UNESCO. At the present time a large number of different schools in Russia provide with this course. Teachers are prepared to work with this program.

Arcadiy Margolis is involved in psychologists training. New activity-based model’ for psychologists training was developed with his direct participation and co-supervision and approved by RF Board of Ministry of Education and applied in learning process at Moscow State University of Psychology and Education. Arcadiy Margolis has published more than 50 scientific publications.

Lecture “Activity approach in teacher training”
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