Beata Zamorska

Beata Zamorska

University of Lower Silesia – PhD completed

For many years now, I have collaborated with teachers from all school types in projects involving evaluation (documentary evaluation and developmental evaluation), didactics and professional development. For the last three years I have been Ph.D. students’ tutor (academic advisor).

My project targets first-year students of the Ph.D. programme at the University of Lower Silesia, Wroclaw, Poland. In the paradigm of action research, the students are also full-right researchers investigating their own studying practice.

The subject of research are the modes of Ph.D. students’ work and functioning. This will be analysed on two closely intertwined planes. One of them is students’ self-conceptualisation as first-year doctoral students who participate in the academic community’s life. The point here is to reconstruct the students’ patterns of thinking about their own studying process. The other does not only pertain to the ways of thinking of oneself and one’s own practice, but also explores patterns of activity.  Applying developmental evaluation, we can go beyond a simple reconstruction of the present state (the way it is now) and open up for the participants the space of creative self-designing. Introducing changes into their own practice, the participants can simultaneously increase their self-awareness.

Presentation “Developing PhD students’ academic activity”

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