Carita Portilho de Lima

Carita Portilho de Lima

University of São Paulo

Thesis: The motive and the learning activity: subsidies for the psychologist’s performance along with the relationship between schools and families from a cultural-historical perspective

Research supervisor: Dr. Marie Claire Sekkel

The strong clash between schools and families in Brazil is based on a process of mutual blaming rather than in a relation of co-responsibility. In this sense, for the realization of this work it is essential that we understand the mediation of a historical-cultural theory that comprises the constitution of the individual as a process which is collective, historical, social, cultural and human, understanding education as a phenomenon of social responsibility.  In addition, this research aims to represent authors including Vygotsky, Leontiev, Luria and Davidov as interlocutors, discussing topics such as the role of teaching and education in the development of the human psyche, the process of constituting reasons in activity, pedagogical activity as a unity between educational activity and study activity, singular-particular-universal dimensions in the relationship between schools and families, among other concepts from these theorists.

In addition, we emphasise that the development of a research that is based on to the assumptions of a historical-cultural theory presupposes a profound appropriation of the methodological issues that constitute this theoretical framework, considering its foundations in the Dialectical and Historical Materialism. In this sense, the discussions within the scope of Summer University will provide essential contributions to my constitution as a researcher and to the attainment of this research proposal.