Charles Chikunda

Charles Chikunda

I was introduced to the socio-cultural historical psychology during the proposal writing stage of my PhD. I had some knowledge of Marxist philosophy and superficial understanding of the Vygotskian psychology.  At this stage, I was looking for a theoretical framework that will give me exploratory as well as expansive learning tools since I had the intention of embarking on a research with a curriculum transformation interest. I learnt then of the Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT).

I used CHAT in my exploration stage in conjunction with other approaches (Feminist and Capability) to bring out tensions and contradictions in my two case study sites. CHAT has given me both explanatory and analytical tools for this phase. At this stage I am in the process of analysing data in preparation for the expansive learning phase using Developmental Work Research model.

As I am doing preliminary data analysis, I am discovering boundaries, both horizontal and vertical which should be crossed, if curriculum transformation is to be realised. I am hoping my participation in the SU will deepen my understanding of the socio-cultural-historical psychology for this purpose and sharpen my tools for the write up of the research thesis.

I also for see a situation where my academic future will be greatly influenced and shaped by the socio-cultural-historical psychology, I am therefore expecting to benefit from the great thinkers in the field (old and new) as well as learn from and with novices like me.

Presentation “Exploring and expanding gender  responsive  pedagogies in science teacher education: case studies in Zimbabwe and South Africa”
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