Clarice Vaz Peres Alves

Clarice Vaz Peres Alves

My name is Clarice Vaz Peres Alves. I graduated in Arts, Masters in the field of Applied Linguistics to the teaching of the Mother Tongue at the Catholic University of Pelotas and a doctoral student in Education at Federal University of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

My master’s research was focused on the teaching and learning of writing in elementary school. This study was anchored by the linguistic theories. Only now in doctoral school that I got in touch and am studying the historical-cultural approach. I have been studying Vygotski’s ideas with regard to the human development. However, I realize that there is still a long way in terms of unraveling the Vygotskian thought it appropriate myself of it.

Although I have been studying this author recently, I feel more motivated every day to learn, in depth, his thought, not only for the relevance of his ideas to this study, but also by his personal life and intellectual path. I believe that his ideas on human development have revolutionized the thinking of the time. Thus, the 3rd ISCAR is extremely important to my education and my doctoral thesis.

For me, participating in Iscar is a unique opportunity for several reasons. First, I will have the opportunity to deepen my knowledge about Vygotski and Bakhtin, whose ideas will serve as a basis for my study. My work is grounded by the ideas of Vygotski, but also dialogue with Bakhtin, taking into account the importance of his thinking for the development of this research. Second, there are still many doubts in our research group on Vygotski’s thinking and the understanding of some concepts used by him. Iscar will be a wonderful place for us to dialogue on these issues, and broaden my views on the historical-cultural approach. And lastly, the fact that Iscar provides the student with room and board, makes it a lot easier his stay in Russia. For me, Iscar represents the biggest and the best opportunity for a deepening of the Vygotskian and Bakhtinian thought.

My main desire is related to a theoretical improvement on the work developed by Vygotski and Bakhtin. Right now I am beginning to study the ideas of Luria about the cognitive development. Therefore, the event that I am applying to take part in will give me a theoretical deepening of great value on the authors previously mentioned. I want to emphasise that the thought of Rubinstein, Gal’perin, El’konin, Davydov and Zinchenko are of great relevance, however, at this moment in my scientific career, I long to consolidate the writing of my thesis, based largely on the studies of Vygotski, although also make use of the thoughts of Bakhtin and Luria.

Presentation “Vygotsky, argumentative writing and mental development”
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