Claudia Ximena Gonzalez Moreno

Claudia Ximena Gonzalez Moreno

Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla

Thesis: The development of symbolic activity in preschoolers: An intervention program through the thematic set of social roles

Research supervisor: Dr. Yulia Solovieva

This event will allow me to reflect on different ways of problem in preschool education that will enrich my research proposal and my professional skills to address. Also consider that this enables me to stay I acquire more and better conceptual, practical and methodological experts to share with teachers and other students who are also interested in the historical -cultural approach and activity theory.

One of the objectives that are part of my life plan is to be a follower of this approach to research level for inputs to education. Another objective is to continue making contributions to the cultural historical approach and activity theory to strengthen the experimental training method. For this reason, I’m sure this “Iscar Summer University” will allow me to fulfill my goals.

Finally, I believe that this will allow me to stay experiences enrich my analysis of qualitative and quantitative information. Thus, the stay will allow me to continue the development of a high quality product at the research level.