Beijing Normal University, China
Thesis: The Effect of Learning Burnout on Academic Achievement: The Cross-Level Moderating Role of Culture Background
Research supervisor: Prof. Xu Yan

Gao Shuqing and Xu Yan have joint report

In the process of our research recently, we found that there are significant differences between our results and foreign studies (American studies). In order to confirm the stability of this results, we conducted a meta analysis and proved the moderating effect of culture differences on the relationship between learning motivation and academic achievement. But we are unable to provide a convincing theoretical explanation. According to Vygotsky’s cultural-historical psychology, social culture plays a decisive role in the development of people’s psychology, and the diverse culture has caused people’s psychological differences under different cultural backgrounds. We found in the field of learning, the relationship between motivation and behavior are also influenced by social culture. We hope that in the summer school, we could further discuss the possible mechanism behind the phenomenon and follow the latest developments in the cultural-historical psychology.
We look forward to improve our theoretical ability and discussing our research results to seek the rich explanations rather than lean explanations by learning and communication.