Marina Kelina

Marina Kelina

PhD Supervisor: Meshkova Tatiana Alexandrovna, Cand. Sc. (Psychology)

The title of speech for school:

Sociocultural and psychological factors of developing of bogy image and eating behavior among adolescence girls and college women

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I graduated from Moscow State University (MSU). My graduation paper was written under the direction of Tkhostov A. Sh. The area of my interests is related to trying to involve the main ideas off Cultural- Historical Theory of L.S. Vigotsky into the recent and popular direction of the clinical Psychology- «The Cultural Pathology». As I think, Vigotsky’s ideas about the mental development as the process of internalization of cultural standards are the basic to understand the problems of the influence of modern technologies on the construction of various Psychiatric Disorders and the other psychological problems.

In the current society the problem of influence of the cultural stereotypes on the mental development is going to become very popular. It’s no secret that the modern ideals of attractiveness are presented for many people as unrealistic, but the most of our society tend to be very slim and thin. Men practice health- risk behavior to be more muscular (for ex, use of anabolic steroids in spite of doing exercises). The female ideal of attractiveness is very thin and slim models. One half of them also wants to be thinner and practice health- risk behaviors too (for ex, the use of laxatives). In this way the health- care behavior pale into insignificance and give the real chance to the development of the eating problems.

My graduation paper was about the influence of modern magazines on the mental development of adolescence of girls. The results indicate that there is a correlation between the types of behavior strategies and the type of cognitive stile: field dependence is the predictive factor of dependence behavior on glossy magazines. This fact leads to start-up of body disturbance, eating problems among girls. In my PhD dissertation I‘d like to continue the research of this problem- we are planning to study the role of the psychological and sociocultural factors in the developing of the disturber eating behavior among the adolescent girls and college women.

The methodological basic of my work is the Cultural- Historical Theory of L.S. Vigotsky about the cultural stereotypes determining of mental development by their internalization with adults, mass media and pears. Now we are working on the diagnostic part- we are giving to our participants a set of the methodic to complete them.

The theme of the Summer School for PhD Students is very close to my interest and very actual for me as the researcher. I hope that participating in this Program will let me know more about The Cultural- Historical Psychology. I want to share my thoughts with the other people and get some experience participating in this School.