Lyudmila Firsova

Lyudmila Firsova

Moscow State University of Psychology & Education

Research supervisor: Dr Bogoyavlenskaya D.B.

The problem of forming and development of thinking are very actuall in the educational process of schoolchildren. The peculiar properties of training organizing are defined by the formed at a certain stage of scientific understanding of the formation and functioning principles of thought. This, in turn, causes the formation of those aspects of students’ thinking which are specified for the original representation of them in the cultural-historical paradigm of L.Vygotsky.

The relevance of our research is demanded by number of systematically observed facts showing that the nature of thinking does not takes into account in the programs of secondary education.

In the empirical research we proposed to find out the phenomena of formedness of thinking of adolescences on the material of the problem-solving process. We proposed the mathematical problem to 127 students of 12-13 years old (7 grade) of the ordinary Moscow schools, tracing the process of solving and registering the argumentation.

At this stage, we noticed several differences in the ways of resolving.

The majority was not successful in solving while it is fitting even for a third-grade student. It was difficult for pupils to define the conditions that are, unable to construct hypotheses for solutions, several did not know the formula and so on.

However, the others solved the problem successfully, they actively hypothesized, argued the a way of solving, justify the result. We noticed their speech was correct, phrases deployed, sentences complex and the arguments structured. Most of that kind of examinees study in same school.

Analysis of the results of the experiment revealed that thinking of this group of students is formed well enough, while they study in ordinary school as the others and there is no any special preparation in math or any developmental work in mathematical logic.

The reason for this kind of differences lays in targeting training to develop student’s speech and artistic expression, upbringing love to the rich literary heritage of Russia.

Thus, we empirically have proved not only the organic connection between speech and thought beyond L. Vygotsky, but also the importance of speech development in the process of constructing hypotheses for solving mathematical problems.

Presentation “The problem of a model constructing in thinking process”

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