Nikolaevskaya Irina Andreevna

Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE) – Russia

Thesis: Dynamic of subject’s personal development while overcoming learning difficulties with help of Reflective and Activity approach consultant.

Research supervisor: Viktor Zaretskiy

The central problem of my research is dynamic of subject’s cognitive-personal development while overcoming learning difficulties.

To reveal this idea I need to tell prehistory. In the middle of my studying in MSUPE I heard about Reflective and Activity Approach (RAA), this approach was founded in 1997 by V.K. Zaretskii and M.M. Gordon, and based on Cultural-Historical Psychology. I do not want to describe all similar principles, but two of them are central in my opinion: learning leads development, and only one step in learning provide one hundred steps in development. Starting from these two rules members worked out some principles of consultation process. Here they are: child and adult are in collaborative activity, have mutual idea of their activity, both of them are in subjective position (that means own interest and consciousness), so they overcome learning difficulties together, using reflectivity, adult helps child to understand mistake in his technic of work. Collaboration provides changes in unproductive technics of child. It was outstanding idea for me, because in my school teachers thought that authoritative position – best teacher position ever. When I started to learn and practice reflective and activity approach, I noticed some interesting moments in child development while counseling. We were working with learning difficulties, but causes of these difficulties were deeper and wider, touching different spheres, not only learning. Then arose idea of therapeutic effect of Reflective and Activity Approach. This means that effect of our work in learning frames expands borders and influences development of all individual spheres. It’s also confirmed by research of professors Kholmogorova and Zaretskii, where they compare cultural -historical psychology and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Thus the main idea of my research is qualitative comparing of subject’s development process while counseling in RAA frames and while therapeutic work in CBT. I expect to discover similar technic elements and similar results: obtaining reflectivity.

I want to join Iscar school because it’s great opportunity for me to explore Cultural-Historical Psychology through views of different people; enrich my knowledge by foreign theories, use this knowledge in my research as theoretical-methodological foundation. With such base, I can make deep analysis of consultations in RAA, discover mechanism of subject’s development, find out helpful techniques and enrich these techniques with therapeutic potential of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Presentation “Dynamic of subject’s personal development while overcoming learning difficulties”

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