Perminova Svetlana

Svetlana Perminova

Moscow State University of Psychology and Education; Faculty of Psychology of Education; Supervisor: Mesheryakova Irina.

The title of speech for school:

Psychological analysis of high school students’ experiences (‘perezhivanie’) about the problems connected with their studying at school

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The theme of my dissertation is the psychological analysis of high school students experience about various aspects of the educational situation. We propose an approach to the problem of experience from the perspective of cultural-historical conception. Following the views on the problem of consciousness of such outstanding psychologists as L.S. Vygotsky, A.N. Leontiev, C.L. Rubinshtein, we propose to consider the experience as a required to obtain knowledge unit of consciousness consists of two components – emotional and rational – which is a form of reflection of the social environment (in the case of school experiences – educational environment) and personal characteristics of senior pupil.

Our choice of the age group of high school pupils due to the fact that in adolescence and early adolescence experience is beginning to shift in its highest form, thanks to the development of reflection and conceptual thinking. The appearance of concepts in the minds of adolescents causes to the possibility of successful self-reflection, according to L.S. Vygotsky, and the upperclassmen already able to more or less orderly reflection of his inner world. Through the mastery of the concepts in this age group becomes possible to systematize, organize, and cognition. Thus, the experience of adolescents in the school we see as the unity of consciousness, which represents the unity of passion and intellect, and the older student we see as the subject of cognition, emotionally perceiving the educational environment (emotional aspect) and comprehending his own sensory experience (rational aspect).
Last year the flight research of school experiences of high school pupils was conducted on the basis of theoretical studies on a sample of about 50 pupils of a public school. Data were obtained on the intensity, the frequency and the sign modality of experiences of students in various areas of school life. At the present time, we continue the theoretical analysis of the problem and preparing a new series of studies of school experiences in the context of cultural-historical concept.

Expectations from the summer school: to get acquainted with the views of other scientists on the problem of consciousness and experience, especially foreign approaches to this problem if it is possible, and also to get experience of participation in the international conference.