Ekaterina Rybka

Ekaterina Rybka

E-mail: liana-345@mail.ru
University: Moscow State University of Psychology and Education
PhD Supervisor: Obyhova Ludmila, the doctor of psychological sciences, professor.

The title of speech for school:

Argumentation Skills Development at the Rhetoric Lessons

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The theme of my scientific research is “The ways and means of developing the argumentation skills at the lessons of oratory art”. I’ve chosen this area of study because I work in the “Family developing Centre” as a lecturer in oratory art. Than I have started to study in postgraduate course I wanted to elaborate the educational method, based on argumentation skills. Now this is joint project carried out by our University and Nevshatel University of Switzerland.

Now current lines of my research includes: analysis of the modern foreign literature, translation of articles on a research theme, studying of russian scientific sources, realization educational experiment with participation of children of 8-12 years, further working out of the educational method. My study in postgraduate course is financed from the state budget. Before I did not participate in the international meetings and so this training would be very interest and useful for me.

During training at international summer school I would like to learn more about different scientific approaches to cultural-historical research and to use this knowledge in my research.
Also at this meeting I would like to discuss possible ways and means of transition of the knowledge received by the pupil in the conditions of school in external practical activities. Also I would like to discuss possibilities of application of debatable methods of teaching in school, which includes diadic interrelations, joint decisions of contradictions or sharing opinions.

Age and neurotic children’s fears: theses to the report // Young scientists – to the Moscow formation: Materials of 8th city scientifically-practical conferences -Moscow, 2009.

Ekaterina Rybka “Argumentation Skills Development at the Rhetoric Lessons”