Tatiana Silantieva

Tatiana Silantieva

Moscow State University

Thesis: Higher mental functions of students in situation of inclusive education

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Research Supervisor: Prof. Dmitry Leontiev

My research project is about role of social situation for students with disabilities and healthy students. The main aim is to find the place of social support for psychological structure of disabled students. And I want to specify understanding of a role of the environment, offered by Vygotsky. A.N.Leontyev offers the following points of view on which there was a theoretical development of understanding of a role of the environment in development of the child. In first point of view, environment is only the factor promoting process of expansion of properties put in the child, social environment causes to life or suppresses, exercises or slows down maturing of mechanisms of children’s behavior. In another point of view, the social environment defines development; it actively builds activity of the child, only using thus congenital fund of his personality. Vygotsky by thought of Leontiev was concerned with second opinion. In my research I can make a conclusion about different roles of social environment for disabled and healthy students. The role of social environment  for healthy students is support for development, for disabled students social environment actively builds activity of the child.