Vitalyi Rubtsov

Vitaly Rubtsov

Vitaly Rubtsov is a leading scientist, a specialist in a general psychology, pedagogical and age psychology. His works concerning the issues of joint activity, group teaching/learning and, recently, developmental education are widely known in Russia and aboard. His scientific activity is closely connected with the Psychological Institute of Russian Academy of Science, were he had started working as a fellow in 1972 and became its head in 1992 (and still holds this position today). He has been heading the Laboratory of Psychological Foundations of New Educational Technologies since 1981. Researches carried out by Vitaly Rubtsov describe a typology teaching models that takes into account age-specific abilities and features of development in different groups of children, making it possible to effectively solve various problems arising in educational and teaching children with developmental disorders in particular.

Since 1997 Vitaly Rubtsov has been the Rector of the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.