Zurab Mgeladze

Zurab Mgeladze

Moscow State University of Psychology & Education

Research supervisor: Prof. Obukhova L.F.

The basic problem of my research is creating a developing experiment in which children of older preschool and early school age will solve a creative tasks in cooperation. I plan to organize my lessons in the way that the goal of these tasks could be reached only when children start to communicate with each other. Group working could give very good results, especially in solving creative tasks, where there is not only one right solution. It also can improve social skills, which is very important. I plan to use chess tasks, because they have a variety of possible solutions but they are also very structured and easy to analyze.  Now I have to make a plan of these lessons, because the cooperation and communication between children should be well organized.

In Summer University I want to discuss will my colleagues who works will children this education strategy. I hope that these discussions will help me to make my research more structured and full.

Presentation “The role of social interaction in the process of solving creative tasks by older preschool and early school aged children”

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