Francesca Amenduni

University of Bari “Aldo Moro” – Italy

Thesis: Re-designed university course to support transitional processes across boundaries between academic and professional communities

Research supervisor: Dr.Ligorio Beatrice

I’m Francesca Amenduni, I’m 23. Last year I took a degree in “Psychologist Science” and now I’m studying “Training and Management of Human Resource” at the University of Bari (Puglia, Italy). I choose this training course because I have a strong interest in “vocational guidance”, which means training and education of young people, scholar and university students. My dream is to work with and for young people and help them to realize their rights: a good educational level and a satisfactory work collocation.

I’m involved in a university research which is focused on supporting university students in building their vocational guidance by using digital technologies. I think that digital technologies could be an important tool to fit student’s vocations and firm’s needs. Today the most important platform used to match unemployments and firms is “Linkedin”. I think LinkedIn is powerful tool to support transitional processes across boundaries between academic and professional communities. I think is very important for young and students to build a personal professional identity and I believe that digital technologies could give many affordances to challenge and explore personal identity and job market.

Today I’m deeply involved in this challenge and I think that 6th ISCAR Summer University could be an important affordance to improve ideas and stimulations to my project. The program fits my professional interests about methodology of psycho-pedagogical research, scientific research and communication in education.

I’ve a strong interest in New Media (2.0) communication: I think that new media could be used as a tool to explore personal identity, to build community and to create moments of reflection (in particular thanks to asynchronous communication and through discussion forums) and to make products in a collaborative way.

Youth employment is a huge problem, like many others in my country, in particular in the South of Italy. A lot of students of my town (Bari) try to find work opportunities in the North of Italy or in other countries of the North of Europe. I think that the getaway can’t be a solution and young people might be trained to understand the opportunities there are in their own environment: young people have to use their creativity to find solutions and to use tangible and intangible resources of the country.

Presentation “Re-designed university course to support boundary crossing between academic and professional communities ”

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