Ade Dwi Utami
Ade Dwi Utami (Australia)
Monash University, Australia
Thesis: Teachers’ knowledge and practices in teaching through play: As a study of Curriculum implementation in Indonesia
Research supervisors: Prof. Marilyn Fleer & Dr. Liang Li
Ahmad Junaidi
Ahmad Junaidi(Australia)
Monash University, Australia
Thesis: The Appropriation of Scientific Concepts of Systemic Functional Linguistic Genre Pedagogy in the Practicum of Pre-service Teachers in Indonesia
Research supervisors: Dr. Thi Kim Anh Dang, Dr. Minh Hue Nguyen
Akalestou Lamprini – Theodora
Akalestou Lamprini – Theodora(Greece)
University of Crete, Greece
Thesis: Children, Adolescents and Youth in Greek Crisis: Navigating Through
Developmental Crossroads of a Cultural-Historical Challenge
Research supervisor: DafermosManolis
Alisa Rekunova
Alisa Rekunova(Estonia)
Tallinn University, Estonia
Thesis: Heterogeneity of thinking in adults: irrational beliefs in rational people
Research supervisor: Aaro Toomela
Anna Koumara
Anna Koumara(Greece)
University of Ioannina, Greece
Thesis: Teaching Nature of Science in Greece; Evaluation of the condition and Study of effective ways to include it into teaching in the Secondary Education
Research supervisor: Katerina Plakitsi
Athina – Christina Kornelaki
Athina – Christina Kornelaki (Greece)
University of Ioannina, Greece
Thesis: Designing Science Educational Programs for Non-Formal Learning Environments in the light of the Activity Theory
Research supervisor: Katerina Plakitsi
Clara Vidal Carulla
Clara Vidal Carulla(Sweden)
Linnaeus University, Sweden
Thesis: A study of the development of preschool children’s emergent sciencethroughout a chemistry play-based learning activities’ intervention
Research supervisor: Assistant Prof. Karina Adbo
Hanik Righi Torres
Hanik Righi Torres(Brazil)
Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil
Thesis: Singular ways and times of learning –possible paths for theteaching-learning of History promoting the inclusion of students with Intellectual Disabilities
Research supervisor: Dr. Sueli Salles Fidalgo
Jacqueline Meireles
Jacqueline Meireles (Brazil)
Pontifical Catholical University of Campinas, Brazil
Thesis: Psychology and participatory processes in school: student ́s agency
Research supervisor: Dr. Raquel Souza Lobo Guzzo
Marika Toivola
Marika Toivola(Finland)
University of Helsinki, Finland
Thesis: Researching teacher guidance in flipped learning mathematics classrooms: A sociocultural investigation
Research supervisors: Prof. Kristiina Kumpulainen & Antti Rajala, PhD
 Nikolaos Christodoulakis
Nikolaos Christodoulakis(Greece)
University of Aegean, Greece
Thesis: The importance of the concept of consciousness in understanding Vygotsky’s work and it’s prevalence today
Research supervisor: Prof. Manolis Dafermos
Osmith Vides Contreras
Osmith Vides Contreras(New Zealand)
University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Thesis: Second Language Teacher Educator’s Pedagogical Practices: A Cultural Historical Approach to Synchronise Theory and Practice in the Learning Environment
Research supervisors: Dr. Letitia Hochstrasser Fickel & Dr. Jane Abbiss, PhD
Priscila Nascimento Marques
Priscila Nascimento Marques (Brazil)
University of São Paulo, Brazil
Thesis: L.S. Vygotsky’s Critique: Between Aesthetics, Publicistic and Psychology
Research supervisor: Prof. Bruno Barretto Gomide
Rikke Buus Bøje
Rikke Buus Bøje(Denmark)
Aarhus University, Denmark
Thesis: Expansive learning and change of practice for nurses collaborating in transitional care of older adults
Research supervisor: Mette Spliid Ludvigsen, PhD
Shuangshuang Xu
Shuangshuang Xu(Denmark)
Aalborg university, Denmark
Thesis: What Has Changed in Drama? – Preschool Children’s Social and Cultural Development
Research supervisor: Luca Tateo, PhD, Associate Professor
Shuling Li
Shuling Li(China / Finland)
Peking University, China / University of Helsinki, Finland
Thesis: Using activity theory to understand the dynamics of technology-based classroom practices and their implications on expanding teachers’ interpretation and competences of technology integration
Research supervisor: Dr. Xiaomeng Wu, Associate Professor
Tamara Cardoso André
Tamara Cardoso André (Brazil)
State University of Western Paraná – UNIOESTE, Brazil
Thesis: The development of writing in accordance with cultural-historical theory
Research supervisor: Dr. Leilah Santiago Bufrem
Zowi Vermeire
Zowi Vermeire(Russiathe Netherlands / Australia)
Utrecht University, the Netherlands / Deakin University, Australia
Thesis: Young People’s Learning in Digital Worlds: The Alienation and Reimagining of Education
Research supervisor: rof. dr. Mariëtte de Haan, Utrecht University, Prof. dr. Sanne Akkerman, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, Prof. Julian Sefton-Green, Deakin University, Eve Mayes, PhD, Deakin University, Australia