Bodil Svendsen
Bodil Svendsen (Norway)
Drammen, University of South-East Norway – Norway
Thesis: Subject oriented professional development
Research supervisor: Professor May Britt Postholm
Fernanda Cavaliere
Fernanda Cavaliere (Brazil)
University of São Paulo – Brazil
Thesis: A proposal of conceptual profiles assessment of space and time
Research supervisor: Cristiano Rodrigues de Mattos
Fernando R. Cunha Júnior
Fernando R. Cunha Júnior (Netherlands/Brazil)
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – The Netherlands
Thesis: Social networks: integrating new technologies into secondary education classrooms in Brazil
Research supervisor: Bert van Oers
Francesca Amenduni
Francesca Amenduni (Italy)
University of Bari “Aldo Moro” – Italy
Thesis: Re-designed university course to support transitional processes across boundaries between academic and professional communities
Research supervisor: Dr.Ligorio Beatrice
 Ge Wei
Ge Wei(China/Finland)
Peking University, China. Joint PhD student, University of Helsinki
Thesis: The Dynamics of Teachers’ Practical Knowledge
Research supervisor: Prof. Xiangming Chen & Prof. Yrjö Engeström
Glykeria Fragkiadaki
Glykeria Fragkiadaki(Greece)
Department of Educational Science and Early Childhood Education of the University of Patras – Greece
Thesis: The approach of concepts and phenomena from Natural Sciences in the framework of cultural- historical theory: clouds in preschoolers thought
Research supervisor: Konstantinos Ravanis
 Irina Nikolaevskaya
Irina Nikolaevskaya(Russia)
Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE) – Russia
Thesis: Dynamic of subject’s personal development while overcoming learning difficulties with help of Reflective and Activity approach consultant.
Research supervisor: Viktor Zaretskiy
Jessica Casanova
Jessica Casanova (Luxembourg)
Vygotsky’s theories explicitly and implicitly underpin foundations within educational settings. A brief outline of his concepts is part of the basic training. Nevertheless, an in-depth research is seldom possible during undergraduate education.
Juana María Méndez Guerrero
Juana María Méndez Guerrero(Mexico)
Benemérita y Centenaria Escuela Normal (BECENE) in San Luis Potosi City – Mexico
Thesis: Literacy practices of the children and their mothers in specific social and cultural context.
Research supervisor: Francisco Hernández Ortiz
Leonardo Lago
Leonardo Lago (United Kingdom)
University of Cambridge – United Kingdom
Thesis: On the (transformative) dialogue and dialogicity in science lessons
Research supervisor: Dr Christine Howe
Liana Stylianou
Liana Stylianou (Greece)
University of Ioannina – faculty of Education – School of Early Childhood Education – Greece
Thesis: Environmental Education as a professional development tool for Science teachers in Secondary Education. Teachers’ perceptions, intentions and practices
Research supervisor: Katerina Plakitsi
Marcelo Valente Ramos
Marcelo Valente Ramos (Australia)
The University of Queensland – Australia
Thesis: The roots of Perezhivanie in lived stories of children during environmental education experience that leads to transformational changes of self in hindsight.
Research supervisor: Professor Dr Peter Renshaw
María del Mar
María del Mar (Japan/Spain)
University of Kobe – Japan
Thesis: The development of cultural awareness and theoretical thinking in the Spanish classroom as a L2.
Research supervisor: Dr. Montserrat Sanz, (Kobe, Japan), Dr. Arturo Escandon, Spanish & Latin-American Studies, F-ty of Foreign Studies
Sanaz Farhangi
Sanaz Farhangi(USA)
School of Integrated Science and Humanity Work – USA
Thesis: Contribution to Learning Science: Using Cultural-Historical Activity Theory to Re-conceptualize Students’ Engagement in Physics
Tatyana Prudnikova
Tatyana Prudnikova(Russia)
Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE) – Russia
Thesis: The Development of reflective and communicative processes in High school by means of digital media
Research supervisor: Rubtsova O.V.
Tony Burner
Tony Burner(Norway)
Drammen, University of South-East Norway – Norway
Thesis: Subject oriented professional development
Research supervisor: Professor May Britt Postholm
Varvara Zemtsova
Varvara Zemtsova(Russia)
Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE) – Russia
Thesis: Relationship between position on learning activity and emotional disadaptation in high school students and university students
Research supervisor: Viktor Zaretskiy
Veronica Morcom
Veronica Morcom(Australia)
Murdoch University (Western Australia) – Australia
Thesis: Motivation as negotiated participation in a collaborative classroom: A sociocultural perspective.
Research supervisor: Associate professors Dr Judy MacCallum (primary supervisor) and Dr Wendy Cumming-Potvin
Victoria Jane Minson
Victoria Jane Minson (New Zealand/Australia)
Monash University – Australia
Thesis: Rethinking child development assessments; applying the Zone of Proximal Development as an analytical tool in the assessment of children’s development.
Research supervisor: Dr Nikolai Veresov and Dr Marie Hammer