Day 1

Opening session

Welcome addresses from Professor Katerina Plakitsi – ISCAR President, Dr. Vitaly Rubtsov – President of MSUPE, Head of the International UNESCO Chair “Cultural-historical psychology of childhood”


Daniels H.R. “The development of activity theory as it is applied to the study of social practices”


Veresov N.N. “ZPD – have we got it right? Understanding development in the cultural-historical framework”


Dafermos E.  “Developing cultural-historical theory in times of crises”

Kloetzer L.   “Researching and intervening with Vygotsky: a focus on adult learning and development”


Barma S. “The expansive resolution of conflicts of motives: a fruitful avenue to understand the transformation of teachers’ practices”

Special seminar on the current research and practices of cultural-historical psychological school in Italy

Veggetti S., Benvenuto G.


Day 2

Plakitsi K. “Science education during preschool years. A cultural-historical approach”

Ulanovskaya I.M. “Comparative assessment of the developing effects in the learning activity school”

Anne-Nelly Perret-Clermont, Sara Greco
Climbing on Piaget’s shoulders to look beyond with a cultural-historical perspective: Argumentation as a situated activity in young children. Insights from the empirical study of their inferences

Margolis A.A.“Scientific/Everyday concepts interplay in CHAT”
Vosniadou S.     “The development of students’ understanding of science”

Liberali F. (Pontifical Catholic University of Sao-Paulo), Magalhães., MC; Meaney, MC, Santella de Sousa, S; Pardim, R; Diegues, U
“Critically Collaborating to create the “viable unheard of” – connecting Vygotsky and Freire to deal with a devastating reality”

Optimistic final of the day from Brazilian team:)

Day 3


Veresov N.N.  “Demystifying Perezhivanie: understanding development in the cultural-historical framework”

Symposium on digital media in modern education & development

Rubtsova O.V.  “Understanding digital media through the prism of the Cultural-Historical Theory and Activity Approach”

Chimirri N.  “Imaginative mutual concept creation in digitalized daycare centers”

Joint lecture

Kholmogorova A.B., Zaretsky V.K.  “Education, development & health”


Sueli S. Fidalgo  “A glimpse of Brazilian inclusive education through the lens of cultural-historical theory”

Closing session. Presentation of the special issue of the international journal “Cultural-historical psychology”