Alejandro Sánchez Solís
Alejandro Sánchez Solís(Mexico)
I’m a newcomer to this theoretical field. I’m starting to understand human behaviour through historical-cultural psychology’s framework.
Alfredo Jornet Gil
Alfredo Jornet Gil(Norway/Spain)
I am licentiate in Psychology by the University of Valencia (UV), Spain, where I studied from 2003 to 2009
Alhelí de la Aurora Arrona Altamirano
Alhelí de la Aurora Arrona Altamirano(Mexico/Spain)
Taking into account the landscape of modern society in the pursuit of education, entails certain challenges to cover diversity of students in school environment, as well as all social practices involved in it.
Consuelo Mameli
Consuelo Mameli(Italy)
Sharing a socio-constructive perspective, my PhD project is focused on everyday practice in primary school, teacher-pupils interactions and interactive discursive sequences.
Elizabeth Quinn
Elizabeth Quinn(Ireland)
I am a mature student that has come to research later in life but I have so much yet to learn.
Esther Cornelia Joosa nee Kok
Esther Cornelia Joosa nee Kok(Singapore/Netherlands)
Reference is made to the opportunity to attend the ISCAR Summer University 2011 and, herewith, I would like to apply for admission.
Fedela Feldia Loperfido
Fedela Feldia Loperfido(Italy)
My motivations for participating in the ISCAR SU 2011 are related to my interests in the cultural-historical psychology, that is the theoretical and epistemological background of my research projects.
Francesca Balestra
Francesca Balestra(Italy)
I’m Francesca Balestra, 2nd year PhD student in Psychology at the University of Parma, Italy. My research project is focused on “negotiating selves and identities in psychotherapeutic conversations” from a dialogical and constructionist point of view.
Maria Antonietta Impedovo
Maria Antonietta Impedovo(Italy)
The course is very interesting for my research work. I graduated in October of 2008 at University of Bari in Educational Psychology and E-learning.
Matthew Campbell
Matthew Campbell(Australia)
I have been engaged with cultural-historical psychology since my early days as an education student.
Nilson Berenchtein Netto
Nilson Berenchtein Netto(Brazil)
I am a 30 year old PhD Brazilian student. I study at the post-graduation program of Educational Psychology at Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC-SP).
Paulina Ludwina Frederika Sedney
Paulina Ludwina Frederika Sedney(Netherlands)
Recently, I became a PhD student. In this PhD study I focus on (ex) psychiatric patients and the way they (can) use their knowledge of and experiences with their mental illness and the care they receive(d) to support (the recovery of) other psychiatric patients.
Prachi Vashishtha
Prachi Vashishtha(India)
Being trained in the areas of child development and education I have always realized the formative role of culture in the learning and development of children.
Riitta-Liisa Karjalainen
Riitta-Liisa Karjalainen (Finland)
I’m working under the supervision of professor Maija-Leena Huotari and university lecturer, PhD Terttu Kortelainen.
Rosalie Nicole Metze
Rosalie Nicole Metze(Netherlands)
My study-background entails a Bachelors in Social Work and a Masters in Sociology.
Victoria Antoniadou
Victoria Antoniadou(Spain/Cyprus)
My learning background as a student of languages consisted in traditional teacher-centered instruction, text-book mediated learning, and exam-based assessment of grammar and writing competence, confined in technology-free classroom environments, which formed the basic structure of learning in my country at the time.
Anna Shvetsova
Anna Shvetsova(Russia)
My participation in work of second International ISCAR University allows me continue to work on my research at a higher level and contributed to a more thorough analysis of its contents.
Vera Morozova
Vera Morozova(Russia)
What do i expect from the participation? First at all I am expecting to the exciting intellectual atmosphere offered by ISCAR seminars and representations that could give an impulse for my scientific work.
Vera Tsybulya
Vera Tsybulya(Russia)
I expect I will get inspiration, new questions and ideas for my further scientific activity.
Victor Tsaytler
Victor Tsaytler(Russia)
I think, that cultural-historic psychology is very actual way of science. I work in school, and I see, that when you work with children, you must be flexible. You need huge quantity of psychology instruments.
Evgeniya Rakhmatullina
Evgeniya Rakhmatullina(Russia)
I would like to take part at the Summer School, because for me it will be a great possibility to learn something new and improve my experience in the Cultural-Historical and Activity Theory.
Natalya Baykovskaya
Natalya Baykovskaya(Russia)
It would be very interesting and valuable to learn more current information about the mechanisms of internalization of moral norms during our work in ISCAR SU 2011.
Olga Prosyuk
Olga Prosyuk(Russia)
I noticed that I could understand Vygotsky’s ideas much better in the process of social interaction.
Olga Rubtsova
Olga Rubtsova(Russia)
The goal of our research is to study the peculiarities of inner conflicts in adolescence and to ground conditions that could be efficient for their overcoming at this particular age.
Svetlana Perminova
Svetlana Perminova(Russia)
My acquaintance with the school of cultural-historical psychology occurred during studying in Moscow State University of Psychology and Education at the Department of Educational Psychology.
Sofya Вashmakova
Sofya Вashmakova(Russia)
I hope SU will be such wonderful and I will gain a good experience of communication. It will be useful for my study as I will have a possible to discuss my work with the best professors.