Special on-line ISCAR Summer seminar for PhD students & young scholars

Cultural-historical psychology today: research challenges & practical perspectives

6-8 July, 2020

Application deadline: June 5th, 2020

Despite more and more Russian and foreign scholars applying the ideas of L.S.Vygotsky in their research, interpretation and understanding of the theoretical and methodological basis of this scientific approach often remains incomplete. Thus, turning to the original texts of L.S. Vygotsky and his followers represents one of the priorities in international psychological studies. This trend determines the common interests of Russian and foreign researchers and creates the necessary basis for joint discussions as well as research & practice projects.

We invite the international community of CHAT young researchers to join the special on-line seminar “Cultural-historical psychology today: research challenges & practical perspectives” to be held on July 6-8, 2020 by Moscow State University of Psychology & Education.

The program of the seminar is aimed at providing a broad introduction into the theory and practice of research in the field of development and education with a focus on the cultural-historical psychology and activity approach (L.S. Vygotsky, A.N. Leont’ev, A.R. Luriya). The on-line seminar will cover the following subject areas:

– theoretical and methodological foundations of the cultural-historical theory and activity approach in the research of various aspects of education and development, research on modern childhood; philosophy of education and science; examples of research projects in the field of psychological science and education);

– solving pedagogical problems in education; activity approach in investigating problems of communication in the social sphere;

– theoretical and experimental research of learning and development.

The on-line ISCAR Summer seminar is created to give participants from different countries the opportunity to:

  • broaden their knowledge in theory & methodology of CHAT
  • discuss the best examples of applying CHAT to creating social practices
  • get the research design review

All young scholars – participants of the seminar can submit the abstract of their research design for the international scientific journal “Cultural-historical psychology”. The detailed information on research design review application can be found in English and in Portuguese on the official website of the project.

The initiative is aimed at scholars interested in scientific reflection of their research idea, the ways of its` implementation, the relevance and scientific perspective of the research, as well as the discussion of the issues of constructing the research design. The research design will be reviewed by the leading worlds` experts in the field of cultural-historical psychology. The review is based on the assessment of how the research design conforms to general principles of cultural-historical theory and activity approach.

The Special on-line ISCAR Summer seminar is aimed at future professionals in the field – academics, researchers, educational specialists, teachers, psychologists, who are interested in psychological and pedagogical research of childhood development and education.

Key program activities:
• lectures by leading scholars;
• focus groups and individual consultations (optional);
• problem-oriented workshops (especially on methodology & data analysis on the basis of participants’ research materials)

Abstract publication
Research abstracts and materials of presentations will be published in the special collection of ISCAR Summer seminar proceedings. Young scholars – authors of the best abstracts will be given the possibility to publish their work in the international journal “Cultural-Historical Psychology”.

Language of the seminar: English

Please, be informed that all presentations are video recorded, and videos are uploaded to the ISCAR Summer seminar website for open access.

The application should consist of 3 separate attachments in English (.rtf or .doc) with:
•  Motivation letter (should include information concerning the basic research problem that you are struggling with and why you want to deal with this in the framework of the Summer seminar)
•  Abstract of research project (should include research title, brief description and references)
•  CV (Full name, gender, place of residence, university, research supervisor, title of dissertation and year of study, place of work and any other related information, a portrait photo from 800kb to 3000kb).

Application deadline: June 5th, 2020

Requirements of the Research Description
• font: Times New Roman; 12 pt.; interval 1,5;
• text volume: not more than 3 pages for each item;
• the abstract headline should indicate: topic of the study, full name, title, full name of research supervisor and his/her academic degree;
• list of references should be given in the end of the abstract and should not exceed 15 items.

Participation fees – free.

Considering the global situation today we are organizing the special online Summer seminar free of any charges for the participants as a gesture of support for the research community.

Contact information
The application materials (motivation letter, abstract of research project, CV) as well as all participation-related issues should be sent to summer.university.msupe@gmail.com

A confirmation will be sent to your e-mail.