Åsta Birkeland
Åsta Birkeland (Norway)
When I saw the announcement for the ISCAR Summer School I was very excited and saw immediately that this could be useful for my PhD work.
Bento Selau da Silva Junior
Bento Selau da Silva Junior (Brazil)
My name is Bento Selau da Silva Junior, male, I’m 34 years old and I am a student of the Doctorate Course in Education at Universidade Federal de Pelotas, in Brazil.
Carolina Picchetti Nascimento
Carolina Picchetti Nascimento (Brazil)
It is true that cultural historical theory is concerned with practical problems regarding the process of historical cultural development of individuals, but the question is: how can we understand this main concern? What are the practical problems inside this theory? And most importantly: why and for what purpose should we study these practical problems?
Charikleia Theodoraki
Charikleia Theodoraki (Greece)
My name is Charikleia Theodoraki I am 25 years old and I am PhD student at the University of Ioannina in Greece.
Charles Chikunda
Charles Chikunda (Republic of South Africa/Zimbabwe)
I was introduced to the socio-cultural historical psychology during the proposal writing stage of my PhD.
Clara Prado (Brazil)
Clara Prado (Brazil)(Brazil)
There are many reasons for why I want to attend the ISCAR SU 2012 and I´ll try to convey them as best I can.
Clarice Vaz Peres Alves
Clarice Vaz Peres Alves (Brazil)
My name is Clarice Vaz Peres Alves. I graduated in Arts, Masters in the field of Applied Linguistics to the teaching of the Mother Tongue at the Catholic University of Pelotas and a doctoral student in Education at Federal University of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
Daniil Kuznetsov
Daniil Kuznetsov (Russia)
I studied the cultural-historical psychology in North-Eastern State University in Magadan in the special course “Cultural-historical psychology” and in the general disciplines.
Delphine Szymczak
Delphine Szymczak (Sweden/France)
My interest in socio-cultural-historical psychology directly stems from human-computer interaction. My background is clearly technical. I have mainly studied computer science.
Elena Korneeva
Elena Korneeva (Russia)
First of all I would like to have clearer idea of current situation in this area of study – about the latest researches, tendencies and methods. Secondly I would really appreciate the opportunity to take part in group discussions and projects as well as getting the chance to communicate with acknowledged specialists in this area.
Eleni Kolokouri
Eleni Kolokouri (Greece)
My name is Eleni Kolokouri, I am a pre-primary school teacher and a PhD student in the University of Ioannina in Greece. The title of my PhD Thesis is “Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) in formal and informal teaching of Natural Sciences in the early grades (5-9 years old)”
Juliano Camillo
Juliano Camillo (Brazil)
I’ve been working with the Socio-Cultural-Historical approach since 2009, when I started my master’s work, which central subject was the subject-object relation in the experimental activities in science education, in special, the possibilities of sharing the same object in the activity and conditions of making sense through the experimentation.
Marcio Pascoal Cassandre
Marcio Pascoal Cassandre(Brazil)
The main interest to participate in 3rd ISCAR Summer University is to have full immersion into the theory and practice developed in the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.
Malba Barahona
Malba Barahona (Australia)
I have been a teacher of English and a teacher educator in Chile for over ten years. My professional experience has driven me to research in the field of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher education.
Maria Soukhanova
Maria Soukhanova (Russia)
My name is Maria Soukhanova, I am PhD student in the Moscow State University of Psychology & Education (MSUPE), Moscow, Russia. My Research supervisor PhD of psychology, professor Smirnova Elena, MSUPE. My research is devoted to psychological functions of individual property.
Maria Lucia Panossian
Maria Lucia Panossian(Brazil)
My project deals specifically with issues of appropriation of algebraic concepts, in fact, a particularity of universal processes of the appropriation of concepts, and specially the processes of generalization and abstraction of thought, for which the historical-cultural theory offers many contributions.
Natalia P. Panfil
Natalia P. Panfil (Russia)
It was F.E. Vasilyuk who inspired me to take part in ISCAR in 2012. Our main goal is to present our ideas about unconsciousness and mystery as a process of constructing unconsciousness in the framework of the cultural-historical approach and to receive some feedback from the other participants.
Niklas Alexander Chimirri
Niklas Alexander Chimirri (Denmark/Germany)
The project I am currently engaged in takes its epistemological starting point in German-Scandinavian Critical Psychology following Klaus Holzkamp and others. This “school of thought” is deeply rooted in Dialectical Materialism and has heavily drawn on A.N. Leont’ev’s work on the concept of “activity” (amongst other), thus developing a psychology that conceptualises the subject as a “centre of intentionality” which is inextricably interrelated with the world.
Nikolay Lukin
Nikolay Lukin(Russia)
My name is Lukin Nikolay, I am 26 years old. I am a graduate student at Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.
Rafael Fonseca de Castro
Rafael Fonseca de Castro(Brazil)
My name is Rafael Fonseca de Castro. I am a PHD student for the Federal de Pelotas University (UFPel)’s Postgraduate Education Program (PPGE), at Brazilian South. I’m also Specialist and Master in Education for the same University.
Stephanie Breux
Stephanie Breux (Switzerland)
My interest in taking part to the 3rd ISCAR Summer School 2012 is strongly connected to those topics about which I would like to learn more. I am also interested in applying in order to have a direct exchange with other people (professors and students) that share the same approaches and scientific questions.
Sule Erden
Sule Erden (Turkey)
My name is Sule ERDEN. I was born in 1970 in Gaziantep, Turkey. I am a female PhD student at Cukurova University in Adana, Turkey.
Svetlana Jović
Svetlana Jović (USA/Serbia)
I obtained my undergraduate training in psychology at the Belgrade University, Serbia, and after going through a year of rather intense positivist indoctrination, I finally got to the second year and started learning about some other psychologies.
Yuri Lapshin
Yuri Lapshin (Russia)
I would like to take part in this sumerschool because my interests as a researcher and practitioner strictly linked to Cultural-Historical Approach as wel the Theory of Activity.