Adriane Cenci
Adriane Cenci(Brazil)
Federal University of Pelotas
Thesis: Advances in the inclusive process of special need children in regular schools in Brazil: an intervention based on Vygotsky and Engeström principles
Ana Paula Gomes Moreira
Ana Paula Gomes Moreira (Brazil)
Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas – Sao Paulo
Thesis: Limit-situations and elementary school: from comprehension to preventive intervention in School Psychology
Research supervisor: Dr. Raquel Souza Lobo Guzzo
Ann-Therese Arstorp
Ann-Therese Arstorp (Denmark)
University of Aarhus
Thesis: Digital technological artefacts mediating transformation and continuity in the teaching practice of the Danish Teacher Education
Anne Mia Steno Hansen
Anne Mia Steno Hansen (Denmark)
Roskilde University
Thesis: Being and becoming. Studies of educational paths and future dreams among youths in vocational education programs
Research supervisor: Prof. Niels Warring
Anton Zhelyabin
Anton Zhelyabin (Russia)
Moscow State University of Psychology and Education
Thesis: Psychotechnical methods of development of the complex subject
Research supervisor: Dr. Oleg Shvedovskii
Cárita Portilho de Lima
Cárita Portilho de Lima (Brazil)
University of São Paulo
Thesis: The motive and the learning activity: subsidies for the psychologist’s performance along with the relationship between schools and families from a cultural-historical perspective
Research supervisor: Dr. Marie Claire Sekkel
Claudia Ximena González Moreno
Claudia Ximena González Moreno (Colombia)
Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla
Thesis: The development of symbolic activity in preschoolers: An intervention program through the thematic set of social roles
Research supervisor: Dr. Yulia Solovieva
Constance de Saint-Laurent
Constance de Saint-Laurent (Switzerland)
University of Neuchatel
Thesis: Remembering the collective past: norms, identities and perspective taking
Research supervisor: Prof. Tania Zittoun
Dewi Mulia
Dewi Mulia (Australia/Indonesia)
Deakin University
Thesis: Re-conceptualizing scaffolding concept of teaching English as a foreign language through action research
Research supervisor: Prof. Alex Kostogriz
Glykeria Fragkiadaki
Glykeria Fragkiadaki (Greece)
University of Patras
Thesis: Socio-cultural, historical approaches: methodological prospects and pedagogic extensions in Early Childhood Education – Focusing analysis on the interpersonal plane: the transmission course of thinking from the interpersonal to the personal level
Research Supervisor: Prof. Konstantinos Ravanis
Guilherme Brockington
Guilherme Brockington (Brazil)
Universidade de São Paulo
Thesis: Connecting Davydov’s works and Cognitive Neuroscience: a deep investigation in numerical skills acquisition
Research supervisor: Dr. Maurício Pietrocola
Irina Engeness
Irina Engeness (Norway)
University of Oslo
Thesis: Learning by Use of Digital Environments
Research supervisor: Prof. Anniken Furberg
Jenny Ros
Jenny Ros (Switzerland)
University of Lausanne
Thesis: Collaboration in the psychiatric and mental handicap fields: Analysis of systemic contradictions in the light of cultural-historical activity theory and dialogism
Research supervisor: Prof. Michèle Grossen
Maria Oraevskaya
Maria Oraevskaya (Italy/Russia)
Universita degli studi di Roma “La Sapienza»
Thesis: Comparative analysis of aesthetic education programs in Russia and Italy
Research supervisor: Prof. Pietro Lucisano
Svetlana Strokova (Russia)
Svetlana Strokova (Russia)(Russia)
Moscow State University
Thesis: Self-regulation and social support in difficult life situation
Research Supervisor: Prof. Dmitry Leontiev
Tatiana Silantieva
Tatiana Silantieva (Russia)
Moscow State University
Thesis: Higher mental functions of students in situation of inclusive education
Research Supervisor: Prof. Dmitry Leontiev
Tina Wilchen Christensen
Tina Wilchen Christensen (Denmark)
Roskilde University
Thesis: A question of participation – Disengagement from the extreme rights, a case Study from Sweden
Research supervisor: Prof. Peter Hervik