Moscow State University of Psychology & Education, Russia
Thesis: The Tree of Cultural-historical Psychology.
Research Supervisor: Prof. Zaretsky Victor

Daria Vedmitskaya and Olga Pichugina have joint report

Cultural-historical psychology is a pearl of national science. The task of our generation is to multiply the approach, to strengthen it and expand it.
Cultural-historical psychology can be called a phenomenon. For many years the Soviet Union was fenced off by the “Iron Curtain” from other countries, and the war paused in the development of Russian science. That is why our approach is so original and strong, because many Western researchers have just seen its research.
Summer University for us is a wonderful platform for discussions: we will be able to show a small tree that we already have. And we will be able to find out what would be interesting to learn about the history of development of the approach to our foreign colleagues – and then we will use interesting questions in all our interviews (Interviews are part of our project). Participation in the University will allow us, young students and researchers to plunge into those issues that are at the moment the most relevant and discussed.