Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil
Thesis: Instruments, materials and repercussions in the context of teaching Libras in bilingual deaf schools: what language organizes what thought?
Research Supervisor: Dr. Sueli Salles Fidalgo

My name is Marcio Hollosi and I am deaf. I am currently a student of the Doctorate Program in Education and Health in Childhood and Adolescence, at Federal University of São Paulo – UNIFESP, located in the city of Guarulhos, Brazil, with the project titled “Instruments, materials and repercussions in the context of Libras teaching in bilingual deaf schools: what language organizes what thought?”, Under the guidance of Professor Sueli Salles Fidalgo.
At an early age, I realized that I have the ability to follow the teaching path with great commitment and enthusiasm, always trying to do my best in my studies, especially in a program like the one I love – which is the case of my current enterprise.
I would like to express my desire to have an academic experience at the 7th ISCAR Summer University for PhD students: Cultural-historical psychology: interdisciplinary research perspectives & social practices, hosted and organized by Moscow State University of Psychology & Education. The main reasons that guided me to choose this event were its educational quality, its wide history and international recognition, and its excellent relationship with foreign students, besides – needless to say – the focus on Vygotskian concepts, which I find perfectly in tune with the research that I am currently carrying out. Thus, my goals for applying to study at the ISCAR Summer University include learning new study techniques and concepts, with professors of international reputation; also learning about different cultures, people from different parts of the world. It is also worth mentioning that this would be an opportunity for me to relate with the group of colleagues that can, as we discuss my research problem, verify the extent to which a collaborative research can favor identity-building processes, placing the subjects in a position to carry out analyses and changes in their teaching practices and in the Institutional culture, thus becoming stronger agents both personally and professionally for the design of collective pedagogical projects aimed at qualitative improvements in the process of teaching Libras (Brazilian Sign Language) and in the deaf student general education.
Studies are my top priority. Therefore, I always focus on learning and acquiring knowledge of new concepts, theories and actions that can broaden my educational and professional horizons. I see the importance of my participation in the Summer University as an exchange opportunity that will allow me to fill in gaps that would hardly be fulfilled without an experience like this, in a university and with teachers and students who focus primarily on Vyogtskian studies. This experience will make a great difference in my curriculum, it will enable me to make essential contacts for future experience exchanges; it will be extremely enriching for my academic, professional and personal life.