Dr. Porter – Professor of Education at the University of Reading, UK. Member of International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disability, Member of Special Interest Research Group on Profound and Complex Difficulties, Associate Fellow of British Psychological Society, Adjunct-Professor at the Department of Special Psychology, Faculty of Special and Clinical Psychology, Moscow State University of Psychology & Education. Professor Porter scientific and research interests are connected with organization of inclusive and special schooling; policy, pedagogy and curriculum for children and young people with complex learning difficulties; early mathematical development and learning; research methodologies and special populations; collection and responses to disability data in different cultures and contexts. Dr. Porter is leading PhD and EdD Level Supervision in the areas of Accessing the Learning Environment for Children and Young People with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities; Development of counting and children with Down syndrome; Context and Culture in the Collection and Responses to Disability Data; Numerosity and Pupils with Complex Learning Difficulties; Curriculum and pedagogy for children with special needs; Barriers and supports to participation in education and inclusive provision; Education of children with severe and profound learning difficulties.