Dr. Malcolm Reed is a President of the Executive committee of ISCAR (International Society for Cultural-historical Activity Research). Senior Lecturer in Education in Graduate School of Education University of Bristol.

Malcolm’s research interests have grown out of the radical situation in which he taught, he has a long-standing interest in children’s writing in secondary schools and support for pedagogic development in schools facing challenging circumstances. Previous research into literacy and interaction is published in “Managing the Literacy Curriculum” (Webster, Beveridge & Reed, 1996). At both theoretical and practical levels, he seeks to apply and extend perspectives in cultural-historical and activity theory in relation to school classrooms. He also explores secondary cultures through non-traditional, ethnographic methods and has published to date six papers using narrative methodologies in educational journals.
Malcolm is coordinator of the Doctor of Education Narrative Research pathway on which he teaches seven units with Dr. Jane Speedy and also designs and teaches the Learning unit in the EdD Management pathway. Malcolm currently supervises twenty EdD dissertation students and three PhD students.