Moscow State University of Psychology & Education, Russia
Thesis: The phenomenon of spontaneous formation of the foundations of theoretical thinking as an indicator of the development of high intellectual abilities in primary school pupils
Research Supervisor: Dr. Viktor A. Guruzhapov

The basic area of my research is the problem of the relationship between the level of development of the ability to theoretical thinking and the general intellectual abilities of pupils in primary school.
The hypothesis of the research is that the ability of pupils in primary school to enter the initial level in the process of learning to solve the task without special training, determine the high level of development of their intellectual abilities and gives the basis for a positive forecast of their further education in middle school.
I want to consider and discuss this topic in the framework of the ISCAR Summer University because, in my opinion, the development of diagnostic methods, based on the ideas and principles laid down in the Theory of developmental learning by V.V. Davydov’s and the Theory of educational activity by D.B. Elkonin’s – V.V. Davydov’s, can provide effective tools for identifying intellectually gifted students in primary school.
The results of the research in this area will provide information on the possibilities of using the diagnostic techniques of the theoretical level of thinking to identify intellectually gifted students, both with actual giftedness, and, with yet not shown, potential giftedness.