Tatyana Prudnikova

Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE) – Russia

Thesis: The Development of reflective and communicative processes in High school by means of digital media

Research supervisor: Rubtsova O.V.

I am a linguist. In 2001 I graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University and became a teacher of English. So, I have been teaching for more than 10 years already. I used to work at the Department of English Stylistics in Moscow State Linguistic University. Since recent times I have become interested in psychology and Information Technologies in the framework of upbringing and education. Thus, in 2015 I entered postgraduate department of Moscow State University of Psychology and Education. So, at the moment I combine my postgraduate studies there and work in the Center of Foreign Languages “Psy-Lingua”.

As far as my research work is concerned, we are planning to study the Development of reflective and communicative processes in educational sphere by means of digital media.

We are going to investigate this problem in the framework of the Cultural Historical Theory and Activity Approach considering media as a new means of mediation.

We have chosen this topic as lots of modern research works are devoted to “the digital media and reshaping educational practices worldwide”. As insufficient attention is paid to the intra-psychological aspects of media usage, we would like to deal with this topic in the framework of Summer University.

Thus, I am eager to participate in the Summer University session and present this vitally important topic.