Anton Zhelyabin

Anton Zhelyabin

Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

Thesis: Psychotechnical methods of development of the complex subject

Research supervisor: Dr. Oleg Shvedovskii

There are psychotechnical methods of individual developing work, described by L. Vygotsky, F. Vasilyuk and other researchers. There are psychotechnical methods of work with the complex subject connected to the research of a concept formation mechanism, described by V. Rubtsov. However there are still some unsolved questions such as: what is the connection between the development of the complex subject and the efficiency of it’s action? Can we have some external measurable criterias of complex subject’s development? What is the shortest way to the best complex subject?

We are searching the response to the question of the developing work with the group of subjects united by some common concept “complex subject” because a number of researchers have noted a nonlinear increase of the activity efficiency because of the emergent properties, arising from the establishment of special-quality-contact between activity partners. K. Levin called this phenomenon “facilitation”, Lomov noticed that the complex subject has some new internalities, which are not the sum of qualities inherent to the each individual incorporated in the community . A simple group can have a number of characters as a person (V. Tsapkin, 2002), and all these characters can not be described just by the processes of group dynamic. Different methods of organization and ways of processing complex subject’s action determines qualitatively different levels of development of the complex subject.

It is important for me to research cross-cultural peculiarities of complex subject’s forming and development and to discuss it with participants of SU ISCAR as a part of the workshop. Also it would be interesting for me to get acquainted with modern foreign approaches to cultural-historical theory.