Daniil Kuznetsov

Daniil Kuznetsov

I studied the cultural-historical psychology in North-Eastern State University in Magadan in the special course “Cultural-historical psychology” and in the general disciplines.

In September 2011 I attended prof. Veresov’s  lectures for graduate students in MSPPU, dedicated to the cultural-historical psychology of L.S. Vygotsky.

In April-May 2012, I plan to attend lectures for graduate students MSPPU devoted to different aspects of Cultural-historical psychology.

Cultural-activity methodology was the basis of my graduation work which was entitled “Factors of self-actualization of students. The activity approach”.

In my dissertation work I also plan to use Cultural-activity methodology as a basic methodology.  That brings together a wide range of theoretical works, which I’m going to focus for the study.

I would like to participate in ISCAR Summer School, because I want  to get an opportunity to discuss my work with people who are focused on Cultural-historical methodology.

Presentation “The project of studying temporal forms of solutions motor tasks in virtual reality”
Download presentation of the speech (PDF; 76KB)