Giuseppe Ritella

Giuseppe Ritella


The title of speech for school:

Chronotopes, technology and learning

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My name´s Giuseppe Ritella and I´m attending the doctoral program on developmental work research and adult education in the Center for Research on Activity, Development and Learning (CRADLE) at Helsinki University, in the class 2010-2013. I am an Italian citizen but I actually live in Helsinki (Linnoituksentie 10 L 107 – 00940 – Helsinki).
My PhD supervisors are Kai Hakkarainen and Ritva Engeström and I´m actually writing under their supervision my research plan. The topic of my dissertation will be an empirical analysis of the way in which people manage the context that surround them while they are involved in activity that involve the use of complex tools, like computer software. The main theoretical fraimworks I will use for this research work are activity theory and the bakhtinian theory (the concept of chronotope).

I have submitted some application for grants and scholarship and I am searching for other possible funding resources that may finance my studies. So, at the moment I am financing myself my participation to the doctoral program, that for me is a challenging and very thought-provoking international experience. I´m participating in all the seminars scheduled in the doctoral program and also in some international research project (“Developing Knowledge Practices Laboratory” and “Facilitating expansive school transformation in the SADC (Southern African) region”). Moreover I have participated virtually in the “Invitational International Workshop for Sociocultural and Activity-Theoretical Research Centers” organized by CRADLE and in some workshop and congress with international invited speakers in Italy before my doctoral studies.

I think that this summer school is a good opportunity for improving my theoretical knowledge and my methodological skill and I find it very interesting because of the closeness of my interest and the theoretical and methodological framework adopted by ISCAR. In particular I am interested in the bakhtinian approach and in deepen my knowledge about the concept of chronotope and I am actually elaborating both the theoretical and the methodological aspects of my research idea. Moreover, I am interested in activity theory and in the system of activity as an useful unit of analysis for my research project.

My expectation from the summer school is to have the opportunity to ask and receive feedback relevant for my doctoral research plan from expert researcher and to exchange ideas about it with other doctoral students from other universities. Moreover, I think that this summer school is an opportunity for improving my network and meet researchers and students that share with mesome interests and/or make me elaborate new way for managing the theory and doing research.

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Giuseppe Ritella “Chronotopes, technology and learning”