Anna Lebedeva

Anna Lebedeva

Moscow City University of Psychology and Education.
Supervisor: D.A. Leontiev

The title of speech for school:

The subjective well-being in physically challenged persons
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The subjective well-being in physically challenged persons

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My dissertational research is currently being compiled at Moscow City University of Psychology and Education. The basis of my research is being performed at the laboratory of problems with development, with emphasis on Individuals with disabilities.

The first stage of our scientific research and trials was completed last year. The results have been published. We are now in the process of gathering the empirical data for the main research phase. Description of the research plan and the gathered theoretical postulates will be included in my dissertation.

Topic of PhD dissertation: The Subjective well-being of persons with disabilities: Determinants and Individual Distinctions.

I have a deep desire to share my experiences with other colleagues, and other adherents. I wish to discuss, learn, and exchange theoretical and other practical complexities which I have encountered in the course of working on my dissertational research. Also, to more deeply understand, master and employ; methodology by L.S. Vygotsky, A.N. Leontiev, S.L. Rubinshtein and others, in the application of theory, and to make tideway in my own studies of theoretical and empirical problems involved in the dissertational research.

I expect only positive emotions, results, and to maintain creative charge with new ideas and new acquaintances from the ISCAR summer school opportunity in 2010. I have very little experience participating in international conferences and events. It is my intention to grow and professionally mature while participating at ISCAR this summer.

I am looking forward to discussing the following issues with a multicultural forum:

  • A search for other perspectives and similar data based on my dissertational/ methodological research on the subjective well-being of Individuals with disabilities and special needs.
  • What role does personality play in a person with special needs, and the effects of coping in traumatic situation?
  • What is the quality of life (Q.O.L.) of people with disabilities? Is it the responsibility of the state or the individual’s responsibility in the provisions of care? Is there a unique problem of cultural and moral attitudes towards disability or is it a person’s inner resources that matter most when developing coping strategy?
  • The problems of stereotypes when correctly identifying and describing physical or mental limitations.

– “People with special needs” In the West.
– “Persons with disabilities” (people with limited-health) in Russia

I am a current and active member of ISCAR, since 2008.

Selected Publications:

  • Lebedeva A. Professional self-determination as a special component of the formation of dynamic system of meanings (2007). University in the region: science, education and culture. Materials science and practical conference. Magadan: Publishing the North-eastern State University.
  • Lebedeva A. The problem of analysis of professional self-determination. Toward an integrative model (2007). The scientists notes of the Psychology Department of North-eastern State University. Vol. VI. Magadan: Publishing the North-eastern State University.
  • Lebedeva A. Problems and possibilities in research of the professional activity meanings (2007). Psychological problems of life meaning and acme. Materials XII Symposium. Moscow: Publishing the Psychological Institute of Russian Academy of Education.
  • Lebedeva A. Lutsenko N. The crisis of professional self-determination of students working and not working on specialty (2008). Psychological support of the individual in the process of professional self-determination: a collection of articles of the international scientific-practical conference. Penza: Volga House of knowledge.
  • Lebedeva A. The problem of improving the quality of life and subjective well-being of students with disabilities in inclusive settings (2009). Different Childhood. Collection of theses of participants Second All-Russia scientific-practical conference on developmental psychology. Moscow: Publishing the Moscow City University of Psychology and Pedagogy.
  • Leontiev D., Alexandrova L., Rasskazova E., Lebedeva A. Personal resources, self-regulation in traumatic situations givens (2010). Chapter in collective monograph. Moscow.