Lucilene Fonseca

Lucilene Fonseca

Pontifica Universidade Catolica de Sao Paolo

Research supervisor: Dra. Maria Cecilia Camargo Magalhães

My research covers one of the main problems of the undergraduate foreign language (FL) courses, the formation of students who complete the course and are preparing to start to work as teachers. The main objective of this study is to understand and transform the meanings assigned by student-teachers and teacherresearcher, and the teaching of FL in school context as an activity teacher training in pre-service, in Teaching Practice classes of foreign language (FL) in a Faculty

from the private network, located in Jandira (SP). It is theoretically based on the Socio-Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (Vygotsky, 1934/1998, 1930/2004, Leontiev, 1978, Engeström, 2001), focusing on the concepts of teaching and learning, and development, mediation and ZPD as a socio- historical-cultural space coming-to-be in that the language organizes the relationship among participants Central in this context is the dialectical and dialogical movement constitutive of language that enables the collaborative production of new knowledge. . Data will be collected during the teacher training focused on understanding and transformation of meanings negotiated critically.

The understanding of language that underlies this project is supported by Vygotsky and Bakhtin / Voloshinov and his circle. I wish to attend the Summer School for I need and want to understand and deepen my understanding on the discussions on socio-cultural-historical researches. I find extremely necessary and important to cover especially the theory and methodology that I will use in my PhD thesis. This experience abroad will let me get to understand and study the several authors that I am studying here but I’m sure there is much more to see, learn and be able to complement my studies and understanding in a deeper and more solid perspective.

Presentation “Digital media & social activity: a way to reach critical collaboration in the teaching -learning of foreign languages”

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