Marcio Pascoal Cassandre

Marcio Pascoal Cassandre

The main interest to participate in 3rd ISCAR Summer University is to have full immersion into the theory and practice developed in the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.

Because of such factors as the proximity to those countries heirs to the socio-historical and cultural tradition and the ongoing work conducted by more recent researchers, Russia represents and continues to further the knowledge and broaden the concepts proposed by Vygostky, Luria and Leontiev. A closer contact with the researchers and researchs in this event will contribute for the organizational studies now conducted in Brazil to build a bridge to that internationally renowned institution.

In this way the Brazilian Business-Administration area will also begin to recognize the rich theory and methodology that is offered by the interchange of knowledge that the 3rd ISCAR Summer University can promote.

My participation in this event will also contribute to lay the necessary theoretical and methodological groundwork for the completion of a doctorate that was started in Brazil. In this sense, I hope then to offer the Brazilian academic community the knowledge acquired in Russia, mainly new studies, methodologies of research and the furthering of the theoretical concepts developed in Russia based on the Russian troika for the Business-Administration area.

Presentation “The meanings and senses of work in the view of  the workers in a Local Productive Arrangement in Brazil: a cultural historical approach”
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