Nina Putro-Ukkola

Nina Putro-Ukkola

University of Oulu

Research supervisor: Prof. Pentti Hakkarainen

My data has a dual character: 1. We constructed with my advisor a specific test battery aiming at revealing central traits of the child’s personality at transitional stage (the crisis of the seventh year by Vygotsky). The battery was administered before and after the play world ‘Alice in Wonderland’. But I have suspicion that the tests may not reveal essential changes in a short period of time. 2. Video material filmed during the play world adventures and solving moral dilemmas met in the story. My problem is how test material and qualitative data can be combined methodologically. There are critical turns in the video material, but how it might be possible to combine them with the tests in general? My ambition is that I can present possible solutions during the Summer University.

My second problem is theoretical understanding of the status of moral consciousness in the structure and dynamics of personality. What is the role of drama, narrative and moral education in personality development at crisis periods? Winston proposes that stories have a particularly important role in enabling children to explore the nature of the ethical life as it is experienced.  Stories inform our capacity to make moral generalizations in the moral education of children in primary schools (Winston, 1998, p.20-21).

I have a quite practical perspective on narrative learning. I desperately need discussions on theoretical issues and new methodological standpoints. My doctoral thesis will consist of four scientific articles and separate theoretical conclusions. I am looking forward to deepen my theoretical understanding, epistemological and methodological framework of cultural-historical approach.

Presentation “Elements of personality development in play world”

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