Professor Dafermakis (Dafermos) is associate professor in Epistemology of Psychology at the Department of Psychology, The University of Crete, Greece. Prof. Dafermakis` interests include cultural historical psychology, activity theory, critical psychology, history of psychology, and methodological and epistemological issues for the social sciences. Professor Dafermakis` book “The Cultural Historical Theory of Vygotsky” is devoted to a methodological and epistemological examination of the development of Vygotsky’s research programme. Professor argues that the reconstruction of Vygotsky’s theoretical programme in the social and scientific context of its formation may provide a framework for analysis of its achievements and limitations. Prof. Dafermakis` book “The Historical Development of Psychology” is an epistemological examination of the development of psychological ideas and concepts from ancient times until the end of the 19th century, but also a study of the social and scientific contexts in which these ideas and concepts were articulated.  Professor Dafermakis is a member of the Editorial Board of the journals “Cultural-historical psychology”, “Dialogical Pedagogy” and “Outlines. Critical Practice Studies”.

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