Serena Veggetti has historical-philosophical and psychological formation (degree in Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities and Philosophy, Sapienza University of Rome, course of specialization in Psychology at the  MGU, the Moscow State University ,1962-64, with a scholarship of the  Italian  Foreign Office ). She has cared for the translation into Italian and
dissemination of the main publications of the main publications by scholars representatives of the  Russian Historical cultural Psychology. Some of them were first published in a language
other than Russian.

Lecturer at  the  Magister Programme in Pedagogy and educational sciences at the Sapienza University of Rome and at the Catholic University LUMSA in Rome.

Research on the cognitive processes adressed by   the teaching of mathematics, in  the learning of elementary scientific notions, and of logical sequences.

Cared for the preparation of Italian versions and adaptation of tests for the evaluation of higher  processes of thought (logical-formal reasoning, theoretical thought). In cooperation wit the colleagues of the MGPPU realized a joint international project , bilateral Rome – Moscow, for a Master double degree in “Psychology and Pedagogy of school pupils” , supported by a grant of the  Italian Ministry of University and Research, cooperlink.