Doctor of science, Professor, full member of Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences, member of ISCAR, member of International Neuropsychology Society (INS), laureate of prestigious “Moscow grants” prize.

She is a direct disciple of A.R. Luriya, and worked under his supervision in the laboratory of neuropsychology at Neurosurgery Institute n.a. Burdenko. Later she worked at Lomonosov Moscow State University – Science and methodology center of Russian language under leadership of A.A. Leontiev.

Currently holds a position of head of the laboratory of neuropsychology in Lomonosov Moscow State University, Psychology Faculty. She is also professor at MSUPE; her course for PhD students at Cultural-Historical Psychology department is entitled “Application of Vygotsky’s ideas in developmental and correctional education (Russian and foreign data)”.

Area of research: neuropsychology, psycholinguistics.

Tatiana Akhutina is the author of numerous publications, the latest one is the book entitled “Overcoming Learning Disabilities – a Vygotskian-Lurian neuropsychological approach”, published by Cambridge University Press.