Sofya Bashmakova

Sofya Bashmakova

Moscow State University of Psychology and Education,
PhD Supervisor: Ushakov D.V.

The title of speech for school:

Psychological Specifies of Zone of Proximal Development of Mental Gifted Children

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Current State of PhD Research and Writing – start on

Topic of PhD Dissertation – Zone of Proximal Development and Development of intellectual faculties

Interest in and expectations from the Summer School:
Useful and interesting experience of communication with foreign psychologists, acquaintance with foreign Cultural-Historical investigations.

Former participation to other international meetings:
The 1st International Psychology School The Science of Psychology in the changing world, Daugavpils University (Latvia) and Moscow City University of Psychology and Education (Russia), October 6-11, 2008

Particular questions I would like to discuss:

  • factors of forming of Zone of Proximal Development,
  • the role of self-activity and motivation and needs of children in ZPD advancement,
  • specificities of ZPD of intellectual gifted children.

Sofya Bashmakova “Psychological Specifies of Zone of Proximal Development of Mental Gifted Children”