Dmitry Lubovsky

Dmitry Lubovsky

Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

Dmitry Lubovsky, Ph.D.  is a professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the Moscow State  University of Psychology and Education. His research has focused on problems of the development of personality in the context of cultural and historical psychology. He develops the following research lines: the development of internal position of personality (the concept proposed by Lidia Bozhovich, Russian psychologist, L.S.  Vygotsky’s follower, founded the cultural and historical approach in psychology of personality) during human life.

In the last years his research is focused also on methodological aspects of developmental and educational psychology. In all this studies, Dmitry Lubovsky follows L.S. Vygotsky’s cultural and historical approach.   He is author of manual “The introduction to methodological basis of psychology” which is popular between Russian psychological students.

He is a member of the ISCAR since 2008. He was also a member of the II ISCAR Congress (San Diego, Ca. September 2008) and III ISCAR Congress (Rome, September 2011).

Lecture tipic: Cultural-historical psychology as non-classical science.