Sule Erden

Sule Erden

My name is Sule ERDEN. I was born in 1970 in Gaziantep, Turkey. I am a female PhD student at Cukurova University in Adana, Turkey. Dr. Ozkan Ozgun, whose PhD is in Child and Family Studies, advising my PhD dissertation. I successfully defended my dissertation proposal in March 2009, and currently am in the process of collecting data for my PhD dissertation. I receive funding at the amount of USD 2000 from my own university’s research fund for working on my dissertation. My dissertation topic is “the relationships between emotional development and cognitive development in 4-to-6 year old children who live in distinct sociocultural-economic contexts” (For more details, please see my description of research).

I am interested in learning more about cultural-historical research methods, so I can more effectively continue to collect and begin to analyze data for my dissertation. In addition, I would like to know more about the appropriate analyses that I can utilize and how to interpret the results while working with culturally different groups. In 2000, I went to the Netherlands to visit and observe the preschools and early childhood settings in that country. Two years ego, I presented a poster presentation at the 14th European Conference on Developmental Psychology (ECDP), in Vilnius, Lithuania. This year, I presented two poster 15th European Conference on Developmental Psychology (ECDP) in Bergen, Norway and an oral presentation The European Conference on Educational Research  (ECER) 2011 in Berlin,Germany.

In the framework of Erasmus student exchange I studied at Københavns Socialpædagogiske Seminarium in Copenhagen, Denmark until the end of July 2010. In last September, I attended 5. International Summer School at Maria Grzegorzewskiej Academy of Special Education in Warsaw, Poland. I have research article in a peer reviewed journal in Turkey on children’s play and children’s perception of play toys (Turkish). I presented in various national and international conferences on early childhood education, children’s play development and children’s perception of cartoon characters. I also published several books chapters on child development and early childhood education (Turkish).

Since I could never think of attending a workshop on cultural-historical research methods in Turkey, I would deeply appreciate the opportunity to attend an international summer school on cultural-historical research methods in Finland and meet the experts in this area of research.

Presentation “Relationships between Attachment Theory (Emotional Development) and Theory of Mind-ToM (Cognitive Development) in 4-to-6 Year-Old  Children who Live in Distinct Socio-cultural-economic Contexts”
Download presentation of the speech (PDF, 542KB)