Elena Korneeva

Elena Korneeva

I would like to apply for 3rd International ISCAR Summer University “Moving with and beyond Vygotsky”, which is going to be held in Moscow, July 2-8, 2012.

The participation in the Summer school is important for me due to several reasons, let me describe them to you.

First of all I would like to have clearer idea of current situation in this area of study – about the latest researches, tendencies and methods. Secondly I would really appreciate the opportunity to take part in group discussions and projects as well as getting the chance to communicate with acknowledged specialists in this area.

Furthermore the interest to socio-cultural-historical psychology is not only common but more specific one. We believe, that the present research is deeply related with this scientific approach. Let me describe these connections

Firstly we affirm the leading role of Activity as condition, result and process of development and creation of personality. We also view the volunteer help as specific and human on, which can be considered as socio-cultural phenomena. The presence, necessity and the gift of dialog in this process in volunteer work with elderly people one can hardly ignore, otherwise it opens new perspectives as well as challenges for participants and benefits as a result. In the current study we underline the role of Subject or Personality as an active, free and making the choice. We examine meaning not as an abstract and permanent construction, but the meaning in “here and now” conditions, in the process of volunteer activity and in particular situation of communication. We consider volunteer help for elderly people as a special type of activity (see project description) with particular manifestation of meaning.

We also aspire to see each person in a positive way, to assure one`s right and need to grow and to find out meaning,  how we can help to find the nearest growth zone and to move towards it.

In conclusion having mentioned all the reasons above I would like to express my great wish to participate in this event and to thank you for consideration of my case.

Presentation “Meaning of volunteer activity providing help for elderly people”
Download presentation of the speech (PDF; 44 KB)