Liudmila Obukhova

Liudmila Obukhova

Liudmila Obukhova is a Doctor of Science in Psychology, Professor, current member of RANS, winner of the RF President prize in the sphere of education, head of the Developmental psychology Department at MSUPE.

Member of the editorial board of the journals “Vestnik of Moscow University” (”Psychology”) and “Psychological Science and Education”.

Liudmila Obukhova participated in the studies on children’s cognitive development. Her doctoral research presents the system of possible interpretations of child’s mental development. It also sets two main tracks for child psychology future development, each of them realizes one of the existed investigation model: natural science and cultural-historical. Comparative analysis of theories of child development allows to see their succession and to set the logic for the process of formation of scientifi c knowledge about the reasons of child development.

The works of Liudmila Obukhova are very important for the organization of research activity in the preschool education system, for solving practical problems of the development of child’s thinking, for the diagnosis of children cognitive activity level of development.

Research interests: Child (developmental) psychology, comparative analysis of norm and pathology in child development, comparative analysis of age and functional development of child’s psychic.

For many years Liudmila Obukhova has been teaching developmental psychology, history of developmental psychology and theory of P. Gal’perin; she has educated 25 PhD students throughout her academic career.

Lecture “Criteria for genesis of new quality in mental development”
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