Monica Lemos

Monica Lemos

CRADLE – University of Helsinki

Research supervisor: Dr Yrjo Engestrom


One of the basic problems investigated in the research Educational Management and Activity Theory: Possibility of development for school managers is based on a instrument so called management plan. The main idea is to investigate how it is organized and how it can contribute to educational management transformation in a course for educator-mangers in São Paulo Brazil.

The reasons why participating on 4th International ISCAR Summer Univesity lays on the possibility of connection between theory and methodology through a Social-Cultural-Historical background. Altogether it can strongly contribute to my research history that started in Brazil in 2001 at the group LACE (Language and Activity in Educational Contexts) and my PhD theses nowadays at CRADLE (Center For Research Development and Learning) in Helsinki.

Presentation “Сoncept formation in educational management: instruments and voices in a creative chain of activities”

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